Which Appliances Can I get Fixed by a Professional Service Technician?

Without the major appliances that make our lives easier, most of us would be encumbered with the arduous tasks of hand washing clothes and building an open fire on which to cook daily meals and how will you replace the vacuum?

This is why when they suddenly go awry as all products of technology and invention will eventually do; it can present a household with a serious impediment to regular daily functions.

In the anxiety of the moment, the decision to either trash the old appliance and purchase a new appliance is often not fully considered before the replacement has been shipped and the old appliance is sitting out on the curb waiting to end up in the landfill.

The great thing about the technological and mechanical paradise we humans have built with our imaginations and ingenuity is this; if we made it, we could fix it.  That goes for computers, automobiles, Harrier jets, nuclear submarines and yes, even dishwashers, microwaves and every other appliance in your home.

The big question you will need to ask yourself is if you will save money by getting a repair or if it would be a better investment to purchase a replacement.

Generally speaking, getting repairs is always a more economical and even eco-friendly solution, on the other hand, it doesnít make much sense to repair a device that is only going to need constant repairs or that is already obsolete and just waiting for a spot in the museum.

To Repair or Replace My Broken Appliance

Before making the decision to find a local appliance repair company to repair your faulty appliance or to retire the appliance and start shopping for a replacement, some important considerations should affect the outcome of this decision.

Age: This is the first and most important;  all appliances have an expected life span after which repair work will become habitual and financially debilitating. The only possible exceptions to this rule are rarely high-quality pieces of craftsmanship and valuable antiques, you will want to hold on to those as they can often be irreplaceable.

Warranty: If you still have your warranty in effect, or can get it extended, you may be able to have your product replaced or repaired free of charge. Warranties are good because they can help avoid the cost of purchasing replacement parts or new units. This is one important reason to make sure you are covered by an authorized repair shop.

Price: the final consideration will have to do with how much the total repair work and replacement parts will cost. If you figure it will be more than half the price of a new appliance to have the old appliance repaired, than you may be better off purchasing the new appliance.

Choosing a Repair Professional

Another big factor that will greatly improve your chances of saving your appliance and some cash in the process, will be by making sure you take the work to the right professional. Mechanical and electronic repair work is a broad field, and you will save time and money by finding a reputable professional with experience in the appliances you need to be serviced.

When looking for the best repair professional for the job be sure to consider:

All Potential Hires: Be sure to shop around, call up at least three technicians and get a price estimate. Be sure to ask about how long this company has been in business and see if they have gotten any online reviews.

Guaranteed Work: Be sure to ask if the repairs are guaranteed and for how long; typically a repair company will guarantee their work for 90 days.


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