History of Leading Private Jet Manufacturers

Modern ameniries inside the Airbus

During the 1930s, the plans for creating jet-propelled airplanes came into light, with the first of the ever jet plane taking off in the year 1939 and 1941. This event also led to the debate on which aircraft was better, the propeller craft or the news jets?

Even though propeller aircraft are still known to be the most suitable planes for short trips, jets are considered to be more appropriate for long distance and faster travel. Originally it was only the famous and rich people who were the frequent flyers due to which private charter travels in the ’60s was the peak time for luxury, service, and opulence.

Luxury is still one of the primary areas of the private jet industry; the emphasis has equally shifted to the overall functionality taken under the consideration as per the demands of the people. Nowadays the growth of private charter travels has resulted in the addition of more manufacturers in the market.

Here are the short biographies of the history of the big names in the private charter market and the aircraft that built their reputation.

●     AIRBUS

Airbus 380 in the skyAirbus was founded in the year 1970, but they entered the jet market in the year 1997, with their first-ever corporate jet A319. The company is well known for its modern and highly functional jets, giving passengers spacious and wider cabins while traveling. Some of the popular corporate jet models are ACJ321, ACJ320, &ACJ319. Most of their aircraft has the capacity of 50 passengers and the range of over 6000 flying miles. The overall size of the cabin is almost three times the space over high-end traditional business jets. Airbus is still one of the prime choices for various state heads, presidents and government officials across the world.


Beechcraft Corporation is a Kansas based US supplier and manufacturer for single and twin-engine aircraft for military aviation and training needs. The corporation was established in 1932 and was earlier known as Hawker Beechcraft. The company entered the market of the business jet with their aircraft Model 17, popularly known as Beechcraft Staggerwing. Although they are famous for King Air, they have other mid-range planes including 800, 900, and 400XPR. Following the major bankruptcy, Hawker Beechcraft was renamed as the Beechcraft Corporation under the ownership of Textron. The Beechcraft jets come in different sizes and can hold between 5 to 12 passengers.

●     BOEING

Established in 1916, Boeing corporation entered the private jet market in the ’90s with the first launch of model 737, which has the capacity of holding approximately 30 passengers. Boeing is world famous for its Jumbo jet and seven series. The other configurations in the seven series include model 747 and 787. Boeing is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and also the world’s second-biggest defense and aerospace contractor as well as America’s biggest exporter.


Bombardier was founded in 1937 and is currently the third biggest manufacturer in the aviation industry. They are known to construct many different ranges of jets from light, medium to large size. They have been expanding their business and commercial market with the C series to compete with aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. The company is famous for its Learjet (Bombardier) that’s famous for commercial jets and global series, amphibious and turboprops aircraft.

●     Cessna

Going back in the history in 1911, Clyde Cessna started to build and fly wooden aircraft, and by 1960s, Cessna was selling a lot more aircraft than other manufacturers in the world. They were originally famous for the turboprop and small piston jets. However, now Cessna offers a wide range of executive and corporate aircraft from the single engine, high wing four-seaters to twin seater, and long-range private jets. In 2014, Cessna merged with Textron and had been offering both Hemisphere and Longitude models for the long range travel.


Dassault is a French company that was founded in 1929 by Marcel Dassault. The company was initially famous for constructing military jets, but in 1963, they moved into the commercial aviation market. The Mystere 20 was their first business jet which as changed to Falcon 20 to appeal to the international market. They further released other Falcon aircraft including Falcon 7X and 8X, Falcone 900 and 2000.


Embraer started in 1969 by the government of Brazil to build commercial and military aircraft. In 2002, they entered the private aviation industry with turboprop planes. After they released their mid-range aircraft, Legacy model, Embraer focused on developing lighter jets such as Phenom 100, Phenom 300, and ultra large model Lineage 1000. The company originally started as a domestic manufacturer till 1970s and created many military, executive, agricultural, and commercial aircraft. It also created


Gulfstream Aerospace is a Georgia based company that was established in 1958. Their first ever passenger aircraft was a 12 seater Grumman Gulfstream, that was exclusively designed for the business traveler. In 2008, the company launched G650 jet that broke ground offering the best of business jet configuration. The aircraft can fly to the 15,544m, avoiding any sort of hostile weather and air traffic congestion. The company’s most of the aircraft are twin-engine jets. Besides that, they have been working progressively on supersonic business jets. The company has evolved from creating military planes into popular long-range jets like G650ER, G650, G550, and G500.


Piaggio is an Italian aerospace manufacturer which was formed in 1884. It is one of the world’s oldest airplane manufacturers. The company has its subsidiary located in Florida where it manufactures turboprop engines, turboshaft, overhauls, and private jets. The company also makes parts, repairs for luxury brands like Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce. Their production model line up includes research, military aircraft to amphibians, bombers, and business jets.

While the big names continue to make their mark in the aviation industry, there are tons of private jet service companies offering you the ride in some of the famous aircraft like Cessna, Yak, Hawker and more. Either you are flying from Los Angles, New York or want to pick Dallas jet charters service, you are sure to fly in luxury in these private jet planes. Compare your options and requirements and book your private flight to experience the most comfortable, fastest journey in any of these popular aircraft. Relive the history and see for yourself what makes these planes in demand forever.


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