Fundamentals Of Fitness: What Are The Do’s and Don’ts?

What is Fitness?

It is the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

Being fit translates to every part of your life that is why many people have become more interested in this lifestyle. However, there is a lot that goes into it other than just working out. To get the desired results and not make a bad situation worse, one needs to understand fitness and all its components.

Components of Fitness

To be fully fit, you have to perform well in all these areas. It is not okay for someone to have the strength needed to lift weights but lack the strength to run a mile.

Working out require you to have specific nutrientsThese are the components one needs to pay attention to:

  • Muscular strength

There are very many benefits as well as ways to improve your muscular strength and get it to where you’d like. You can also test your muscular strength by doing push-ups and if it proves to be difficult, just resolve to improve your strength.

  • Muscular endurance

Cycling and elliptical machine workouts are great to enhance your endurance. You could decide to test your muscular endurance with a few sit-ups.

  • Cardiovascular endurance

Exercises that get your heart rate up, for example, jogging or swimming are the best for building your endurance and improving the flow of oxygen to your blood tissues.

  • Flexibility

This mainly involves stretching your body to see how well you can do it.

  • Body composition

The Do’s and Don’ts In Fitness

When it comes to living a healthier and fit life, there are some things that need to be done and others that need to be avoided. When things are done right you are assured of getting the results you have worked hard for. However, if you decide to do things that are not right you may end up making your situation worse and steer yourself further from the goal.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind;

  • Get your mindset right

This is a very important step because we know that it all starts in the mind. Determine why you are doing this and what is your motivation. Let it all be self-driven. Having that reason in the back of your mind will keep you on your toes and prevent you from backing down. Fitness requires internal toughness and consistency. Working out on a daily basis and eating clean is a must do.

You should avoid getting into fitness just because someone you know is doing it because this will lead to failure. That is not motivation enough to keep you going through the hard times when you just feel like giving up. When found in such a situation you would most likely give in to the hard times and stop working out altogether.

  • Eating clean and healthy

It is said that fitness is 80% what you eat and 20% working out. I believe this is true because the food we eat is what fuels our bodies. Imagine your body as a garden and you plant two seeds, one is a corn seed and the other a nightshade. You definitely get back what you planted, one that is edible and one that is poisonous.

Dieting should come firstSame to the body, if you keep on eating junk food and all the unhealthy foods then your body becomes flabby and you get shamed for it. Whereas if you ate clean and took your personalized vitamin packs to supplement on the nutrients you might be missing, you would be one step closer to your goal weight and body.

  • Set realistic goals

Having a goal is very important. Knowing where you want to be after a certain period of time helps you keep track of your progress. Set goals on eating healthier and working out. Determine and plan out when you will be doing your shopping, whether you’ll meal prep or not and when you need to be at the gym working out. This will get you closer to your goals.

However, setting goals without a plan is not realistic and neither is putting too much pressure on yourself to look a certain way. Just spell out the kgs you wish to lose or gain and leave some room for any disappointments then work towards your goals.

  • Warm-ups and stretching

Before each and every workout it is important to warm up and get your body moving. You could do this by jogging on the spot or doing some high knees for a few seconds. This ensures that your body is ready for the workout to avoid the sudden shock to your body.

After you are done with your workout, take some time to stretch and relax your muscles having put them through a rigorous workout. This will help reduce the risk of muscle tightness and strain.

Be sure not to ignore this steps because they are very essential to any workout you undertake.

  • Working out too much

Spending hours in the gym working out does not mean you will get to your goals any faster. In fact, you are hurting your body and reversing all your progress. After every workout, your body needs that grace period to relax your muscles and that is actually when all the magic happens. Someone could do a 4-minute high-intensity workout and get better results than you who spent hours bench pressing and weightlifting.

  • Being a know it all

In fitness, you should not assume you know what you should be doing at all times. According to fitness experts, different people with different body types and goals require different workouts and meal plans. You have to consult your personal trainer, let them know your goals and they will tailor a workout and meal plan to suit your needs.

  • Substituting water for other drinks

There is no drink that should substitute your water. Whether it is a protein shake or an energy drink, you should not forget to carry your water with you. Taking water regularly during your workout is very important. This will help you avoid feeling thirsty because that just means you are on your way to dehydration.

To be totally fit you have to look at all aspects and not just your physical appearance. Pay attention to detail and follow all the right things and avoid the wrong practices to ensure you get to your fitness goals.