Finding Inner Silence in Daily Life

Silence and stillness promotes creativity

Everything is instant. Instant text messaging while eating dinner, e-mails, instant updates on Twitter that chronicle the mundanities of life, keeping the world informed of one’s doings via blogs and web pages while multi-tasking in numerous ways. Smartphones cling to bodies like extra limbs; what would be missed more one wonders?

Yes indeed, life is fast, life is busy, and life is full. But does any of this lead to a sense of achievement or fulfillment? How many people allow for an occasional day spent in silence? When confronted with their own silence, many people feel uncomfortable or scared. So what they do is the step right back into busyness again. There is a fear of silence because it is often associated with being ‘alone’ or being ‘lonely’ or ‘bored.’ Many people are scared of their own silence, so they may opt to be surrounded by noise and by creating a busy life.

The Benefits of Giving Yourself Time in Silence and Stillness

Time given in silence is important to be able to delve more deeply into the self. To ask the questions and hear the answers that emerge from the place of stillness where a person’s individual truth lies. And as creative beings, people need silence to hear themselves think.

Author of Vein of Gold, A Journey to Your Creative Heart, Julia Cameron, describes the effects of a non-silent life on creativity, “We need silence, or we create chaotic art rooted only in the reflection of what is around us, un-grounded in the deeper earth of ourselves.”

Some believe that it is through the silence that life begins to make sense. And it is in silence that people can begin to understand the meaning of what has been happening to them in their lives. Through inner stillness and silence, insights can be revealed. True desires become more visible as the chatter of the mind begins to still.

Finding Inner Silence

One of the best places to experience inner silence is in nature. Although complete silence is never possible here; the sounds of nature and the songs of the universe can take a person to a place of meditation in inner silence.

If finding a quiet place in nature is not a possibility, working and being aware of the breath can help center a person as he becomes aware of his innate stillness. And rather than being ‘in’ silence, why not work ‘with’ silence? This is a way to be silently creative which can be a meditative practice achieved through activities done alone such as gardening, painting or cooking.

The Beauty of Stillness

To reach that place of silence within, it is not necessary to seek out extreme solitude by living on a hilltop in the middle of nowhere. Silence is a place of stillness in the heart and mind, full of richness. A place that every person can reach if they switch off their mobiles and step away from their PCs just long enough to hear the whispering of their own inner voice. The voice birthed from the beauty of stillness.


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